Hey Human, I'm

I’ll keep you accountable to your health & fitness goals.

Hey Human, I'm

I’ll keep you accountable to your health & fitness goals.


Admit it. When no one’s looking, you’re not always your finest self. You binge watch Netflix just a little too long. Eat just one cookie too many. Hit the treadmill just a little too … soft. Consider me the digital equivalent of the peer pressure that keeps you from becoming another cushion on your couch.


Find me on Facebook. Join a team when I ask. Enjoy a nice butt-kicking.

You don’t have to join a team, but I highly recommend it. Why? Because it takes a village to keep your inner garbage person from wreaking havoc on your health & fitness goals. You will thank us later.

Get up. Achieve your goals. That’s the mission

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I’m Good for You

Teams are cool and all, but sometimes you need a minute to scream at your phone because Becky won’t shut up about how she, like, wasn’t even tired after her first ultramarathon breathe. Here’s what I do when you need a break from other humans.

I Motivate You

Consider me a digital kick in your kiester. Don’t know what a kiester is? Figure it out, kiddo. Self-sabotage ain’t allowed on my watch.

I Chat With You

I like to chat. Ask me health & fitness questions, and I’ll answer based on what I know about you. I might even tell you a hilarious joke.

I Read Your Mind

Not really … but I do use my fancy AI to predict human behavior 15235628 times out of 15235629. For example, you didn’t notice I put a letter in that first number, did you? No I didn’t, but made you look.

I Educate You

The more we get to know each other, the better I learn your habits. I’ll shine so much light on your activity it’ll blow your mind (or maybe blind you)


Just because I’m a bot doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun. Check out some of the cool stuff I do when you impress me.
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